Product CodeProduct DescriptionPack Size
Takeaway Cups & Lids
Sundry-13Kraft Ripple Cups12oz500
Sundry-15Kraft Ripple Lids 12oz/16oz1000
Sundry-14Kraft Ripple Cups 16oz500
Sundry-9512oz Smoothie Cups1000
Sundry-96Domed Lids for Smoothie Cups1000
Sundry-634oz Sauce Cups & Lids800
Takeaway Food Packaging
Sundry-766 x 6" Bagasse White Clamshall Boxes - Burger Box500
Sundry-757 x 5" Bagasse White Clamshell Boxes - Jacket Potato Box500
Sundry-796 x 9" Bagasse White Clamshell Boxes - Fish & Chip Box250
Sundry-866 x 9" Bagasse White Clamshell Boxes - Fish & Chip Box - 2 Compartment250
Sundry-779 x 9" Bagasse White Clamshell Boxes - Breakfast Box200
Sundry-819 x 9" Bagasse White Clamshell Boxes 3 Compartment - Breakfast Box200
Sundry-877 x 5" Bagasse Chip Trays500
Sundry-53No 1 Mini Kraft Food Containers 750ml450
Sundry-90No 8 Medium Kraft Food Containers 1250ml300
Sundry-89Paper Plates 7"100
Sundry-57NO.9 Deep Foil Container 9x9200
Sundry-58No.9 Poly Coated Lids 9x9200
Paper Bags & Carriers
Sundry-54Greaseproof White Paper Bags 10"x10" (250mmx250mm)1000
Sundry-07Sulphite White Paper Bags 10"x10" (250mmx250mm)1000
Sundry-17Sulphite White Paper Bags 8.5"x8.5" (215mmx215mm)1000
Sundry-27Sulphite White Paper Bags 12"x12" (300mmx300mm)500
Sundry-28Film Fronted Baguette Bags 4x6x141000
Sundry-46Small Brown Carriers with Handles 7"x10"x8.5"250
Sundry-44Medium Brown Carriers with Handles 8"x13"x10"250
Sundry-48Large Brown Carriers with Handles 10"x15.5"x12"250
Sundry-78Wooden Forks100
Sundry-56Wooden Knives100
Sundry-59Wooden Dessert Spoons100
Sandwich & Salad Containers
Sundry-12Standard Sandwich Wedges500
Sundry-61250ml Rectangular Salad Containers800
Sundry-23500ml Rectangular Hinged Salad Containers800
Sundry-47750ml Rectangular Salad Containers400
Napkins & Blue Roll & Refuse
Sundry-05Soft Single Ply White Serviettes5000
Sundry-08Soft Single Ply White Serviettes500
Sundry-10Two Ply White Napkins2000
Sundry-82Two Ply White Napkins200
Sundry-11Centrefeed Blue Roll 2ply 175mm6x150m
Sundry-24Black Refuse Sacks 18"x29"x39"200
Foil, Cling Film & Parchment
Sundry-38Aluminium Catering Foil 450mm x 60m60m
Sundry-42Cling Film Cutter box 450mm x300m300m
Sundry-34Baking Parchment 450mm50m
Sundry-25Greaseproof Paper 18"x28"450
Sundry-73Pure Greaseproof Paper 9"x14"4kg
Cleaning Products
9515CE Bleach5ltr
9514CE Washing Up Liquid5ltr
Sundry-49Spray Cleaner/Sanitizer750ml
Sundry-45Window/Glass Cleaner750ml
Sundry-50Green Scourer Pads10